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Welcome to Free Republic Oklahoma Chapter!

The Florida recount fiasco sowed the seeds for the formation of a Free Republic Chapter in Oklahoma. Concerned citizens came together on November 25 for our first pro-Bush rally, and again on December 2 and December 9. These rallys, organized using Free Republic, and the Yahoo e-groups "Tulsa-GWB" and "OklahomaCity-GWB", brought together a group of activists which resulted in the formation of a FR Chapter for Northeastern Oklahoma (later changed to include the entire state). Since the Presidential Inauguration, the Oklahoma Chapter has been relatively inactive, except for specific issue emails/alerts.

However, the Free Republic Network is finally incorporated and is actively working to establish guidelines for Chapters and, in short, rev up conservative activism. With elections coming up in the fall, now is the time for our chapter to gear up.

Coming soon: details!

Special credit and thanks to seamarie for our rally pix and website!

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