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Beloved Friends of Freedom, and all who serve its mighty cause, Operation America dedicates this page to every American whose voice would be heard on behalf of our Constitutional Liberties. We are grateful for your energy, wisdom, dedication and courage and seek to represent it with our every word. Our Calls to Action are the combined efforts of Americans from every walk of life. We are a group of modern day “patriots.” Like you we have always loved our country and believe in the "American Dream." May our joint efforts continue to move forward with these same qualities. May we take heart that by these pages Freedom’s fire is fed.

Upon other pages these qualities were expressed through the Founders of our country, those who authored the valued tools necessary to ensure our American quality of life. History has proven that we are at greatest risk when we take this quality of life for granted. We have seen, as well, throughout its short existence, the grand experiment of our Free Republic continuously tried and tested. In the recent past especially, we have seen it dealt critical blows.

Operation America believes as you do, that self-governing Americans cannot afford to be a casual or a silent majority. No more can we allow the offices of government by, of and for the people to become casually or silently violated. We are about actively changing the unhappy picture of an America our Founders would grieve to see.

It is a picture of a country where the individual rights and the individual responsibility of its people to protect those rights are precariously close to becoming extinct. We see that "we, the people" live out our daily lives in our present day United States of America, while throughout government halls with words casually spoken and yet, purposefully written, traitorous deeds are done. Upon these perverted pages of power our sacred documents have been and continue to be seriously corrupted. Our individual efforts to be well informed, free people are stymied as we are summarily battered with daily misinformation. Through our most powerful instrument of free speech, "The Press," we are insidiously misled with manipulative media and tainted truths in the guise of news.

While we strive to live by what we earn, seventy percent of our wealth is taxed and redistributed, often to those who expect to live by what we earn. We are encouraged to abandon our traditional values of self-reliance, of honoring our Creator, country and family. We are encouraged to relinquish our individual rights and accountability. We are encouraged to entrust our lives to our government officials for safekeeping.

In the mean time these same officials, who promise us protection while they systematically strip away the safeguards of our liberties and pervert our rule of law, refuse to be held accountable. We are contributing to this insanity by enrolling our children in government institutions where they are lulled and coddled through a course of education designed to produce mindless victims.

"We, the people," are most certainly in grave jeopardy and must adjust our behavior accordingly. America needs every clear head and steady heart if we are to survive as a sovereign nation! We will from this point on elect and re-elect only those who honor our Constitutional, “free” Republic. We are dedicated to restoring our original rights and liberties!

To those who claim to represent “the people of America,” WE SEND OUT THE CALL. Restore yourselves with honor at your posts. To those who have chosen to serve, speak and write in those once Hallowed Halls where legislation is meant to be written under the light of Liberty’s Lamp, we, the people, call upon YOU to…. SERVE, SPEAK AND WRITE FOR US!

CALL TO ACTION: Operation America - Celebrate Independence Day!

Are you tired of seeing our freedom slipping away, bit by bit? Are you sick at heart to see our Constitution and its Amendments routinely ignored or betrayed by the very politicians who, in their oath of office, solemnly swore to "defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" and "bear true faith and allegiance to same"?

On Independence Day, we celebrate the signing of our Declaration of Independence, which set in motion events which ultimately led to the founding of this Great Nation. On this, the first Independence Day of a new millenium, we can honor the Fathers of our nation by sending a message to the stewards of the offices that their vision created, the members of our House of Representatives. Our postcards and letters will reach not only our Representatives, but also those who work with them, those young interns and aides who aspire to be a significant part of our future. Let us remind our elected Representatives and their staff that they should not lightly disregard the wisdom of our founding fathers.

Now is the time for citizens everywhere to join with Operation America and send a clear message to our US Representatives:

This Independence Day, the first of the new millennium, implore your Representatives to join America in Honoring the Founding Fathers and the principles on which this Republic was founded! Purchase pre-stamped USPS postcards (21-cents), copy (right click) and paste the postcards to your word processor then drag and drop them to fit, print them out, use a glue stick to paste them to the cards, and mail them to your US Representatives. You can also print these directly onto perforated sheets of 4 postcards to a page and then attach a self-stick stamp. To have them printed professionally, copy and save them to a floppy and take to a local printer.

For more postcards and the letter, click on the Operation America logo